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1997 Bowman's Best - Autographs Atomic Refractor #194 AU Front.jpg
1997 Bowman's Best - Autographs Atomic Refractor #194 AU Back.jpg

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The 1997 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor Autograph set consists of 10 skip-numbered cards from the base set. Scott is card #194 in this set.

This card has eluded me for more than two decades - and for good reason. Seeded at just 1:6,107 hobby only packs, pulling any of the 10 Atomic Refractor Autographs would be a monumental feat. 

The cost involved to pull one of these cards is insane! There were 24 packs per hobby box; retailing at $4.99 per pack. At one in every 6,107 packs, you could potentially open just over 254 packs before hitting one. That is $1,270 (before tax)! With 10 cards in the checklist, you could spend more than $12,700 before finding the Scott Rolen. 

I paid considerably less than that to add this once in a lifetime card to my collection.

(Hover over the card to see the back.)

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