1995 Bowman's Best - Refractors #87.jpg

1995 Bowman's Best - Refractor

The 1995 Bowman's Best set was easily a collector's favorite set when it was initially released. The base set consists of 195 cards with the refractor set consisting of only 180 cards. The odds of pulling a refractor card from a pack was 1:6. While not overly difficult to pull from a pack, it seems the Scott Rolen refractors are locked up in collections across the country. They rarely come up for sale and when they do, they command a premium over the base version of the card.

I picked up my copy several years ago on eBay. I remember seeing the listing and instantly falling in love with the card. Back then I was using a sniping program for my bidding and I set my snipe at $200.00. I ended up winning the card for $97.50. 

2004 Leaf Limited - Threads Button #245

2004 Leaf Limited - Threads Button #245, SN6

This is one of my favorite cards for a few reasons. The first reason is because it's a BUTTON card! What player collection can be complete without a button card of their player (assuming one has been produced for your player)?


The second reason is Scott is wearing a white jersey in the picture and the button is clearly from a white jersey. I hate when card companies can't be bothered to match the photo to the piece.


The third reason is there are more than 5 copies of this card available and this one happens to be #6/6.

I was able to obtain this card for less than $40 back in 2006.

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