Scott Rolen should be in Cooperstown

As you all know by now, I'm a huge fan of Scott Rolen. And I'm sure you already know that I think Scott should be gracing those hallowed halls of Cooperstown. I know I'm not alone in believing that Scott should have a plaque hanging among the other greats of the game. Check out the links below to read more from others who think Scott should be elected.

I'm not so delusional as to think that Scott would have ever been a first ballot guy. Well, maybe during his peak years (2004 was pretty amazing). But as a player who was fraught with injuries, his career was not what it could have been in my opinion. Having said that, he did have a career that I feel is worthy of the Hall of Fame. Especially when you take into consideration his ranking among other third basemen; a position that is short on players in the Hall compared to other positions represented there. 

I have added the 2020 Hall of Fame vote tracker here for you to check out. Ryan Thibodaux has been keeping track of votes for awhile now and has a nice Excel file dedicated to everything you would want to know about the voting. You can see the file in it's entirety by clicking the link below the summary posted here. 

With the "backlog" cleared up, you can see that Scott appears to have gained significant support. Last year he only garnered 17.2% of the votes, up 7% from his first year of eligibility. This year he is tracking to get 50% of the votes which is still 25% shy of getting the nod.