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About The Collection

My collection of Scott Rolen cards began several years ago. I remember watching Scott play back in the early-mid 90s and admiring how he played.

After Scott made it to the Bigs is when my collection really took off. I used to save up my lunch money so I could hit up the local card shop to see how many Scott Rolen cards I could add to my collection. Back then, it was a pretty slow grind.

Fast forward several years with the internet growing in popularity, especially with auction sites like eBay and forums like FreedomCardBoard, and my collection began to take on a life of it's own. I was able to add new cards to my collection on a regular basis and my collection quickly outgrew the binder.

After the binders, I transferred my entire collection into penny sleeves and toploaders; housed in monster boxes. They took up quite a bit of space that way, but they were still easy to look through and they had the added protection of the toploaders.

Then I stumbled upon these BCW Card Bins which are very similar to the cardboard monster boxes except they are made of sturdy plastic and have lids that open up from the middle. They have a couple of locking sliders in the middle of the lid that keep them secured. They also stack incredibly well! And they have a nice feature that their cardboard counterparts were lacking - the ability to put cards in the front of the boxes. I have placed a card from the year that is represented in each row of that particular box.

Since Scott "retired" in 2012, I have slowly been going back through the years and filling in the cards I'm missing. My goal is to obtain at least one copy of every card produced that has more than five copies. The #/1 - #/5 cards I will add to the collection as availability and funds allow. Since Scott's induction to the Hall of Fame in 2023, card manufacturers have been adding him to a lot more checklists which adds to the total number of cards I'm chasing.

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