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Autographed Baseballs

A collection of baseballs signed by Scott Rolen. Most of these have been obtained in person by me. A few were obtained in person by friends of mine. And there were a couple that were purchased on eBay.

I would ultimately like to obtain a signed baseball from each year Scott played; multiple if they are from the same year but on special baseballs.

Signed Mini Helmets

A collection of mini helmets signed by Scott Rolen. These were obtained in person by me at a Louisville Bats vs Indianapolis Indians game in Indianapolis, IN. 

I still need to get a Phillies and a Reds helmet signed by Scott. I'd like for them to be signed in silver Sharpie to match the ones I already have.

Warren Reed Cachet

A cachet is a printed or stamped design or inscription, other than a cancellation or pre-printed postage, on an envelope, postcard, or postal card to commemorate an event. This particular cachet commemorates Scott winning the 1997 NL Rookie of the Year.


This cachet was created, hand painted, and signed by artist Warren Reed. It is limited to only 70 copies of which this one is number 43.

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