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1998 Pinnacle Epix is a multi-tiered, multi-fractured, 72-card, cross-brand insert set. Randomly inserted in 1998 Pinnacle packs at the rate of 1:21, 1998 Score packs at 1:61, and 1998 Zenith packs at 1:11. The 24 players included in this set were featured on three different cards to commemorate (in ascending order of scarcity) their greatest play, game, season, or moment. Each card was specific to a particular brand. To obtain all the cards for each player in this fractured insert set, one had to open Pinnacle, Score, and Zenith packs.

Scott's "Play" cards was scheduled for insertion into packs of 1998 Pinnacle Certified, but were never officially released. Some of these unreleased cards did find their way onto the secondary market back in 2017 and they are considerably more scarce than the packed out versions. His "Game" cards were inserted into packs of 1998 Score, "Season" cards were inserted into packs of 1998 Pinnacle, and his "Moment" cards were inserted into packs of 1998 Zenith.  

All-Star Epix is a 24-card set released in both 1998 Score Rookie/Traded and 1998 Pinnacle Plus. Similar to the regular Epix inserts, All-Star Epix showcases All-Star Game highlights on holographic matrix cards. Scott's All-Star Epix cards were found in packs of 1998 Score Rookie/Traded. For more information on this confusing set, check out the page for it over on

1998 Pinnacle Epix

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