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Top 10 Favorites from 2023!

While I added over 400 new cards to my collection this year, there are certain cards that stand out above the rest for one reason or another. Below, I will outline my Top 10 Favorite cards that I picked up this year (in no particular order.) Also included are some bonus favorites at the end!

1998 Select Selected #9 (Bankruptcy)

1998 Zenith - Epix Moment Emerald #E11, PR30

1998 Stadium Club - Co-Signers #CS-4

2012 Sega Card-Gen #237

2022 Topps Dynasty - Dynastic Decoration #DAP-SR6, SN10

2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary - Gold Prism Refractors #545

2023 Panini Chronicles - Titan Gold Vinyl #22, SN1

2012 Kahn's Cincinnati Reds #NNO

1998 Leaf - Fractal Materials Die Cuts #199 CL, PZ, SN3250, PR50

1995 Reading Phillies Eastern League Champs Nabisco #NNO (IP Auto)

Bonus favorites: From the Bellner Collection

There were so many cards that I was able to add to my collection this year from the acquisition of Ron's collection that I may never have the opportunity to buy again. I am incredibly honored that Ron saw it fit for me to be the steward of his collection! I love every single card I was able to get from his collection and these are some of my favorites.


The Essential Credentials
The Essential Credentials
Jan 03

While I loved seeing some of your favorites, my favorite memory of your collection this year was the purchase of the large Rolen collection that you added!

Jan 10
Replying to

Thank you! Purchasing Ron's collection was certainly a once in a lifetime kind of deal. There were so many great cards in that collection and I was fortunate enough to not only add over 60 unique cards from his collection into mine, but I've also been able to help out a few other Rolen collectors add some monster cards to their collections as well.

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