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Top 10 Favorites from 2023!

While I added over 400 new cards to my collection this year, there are certain cards that stand out above the rest for one reason or another. Below, I will outline my Top 10 Favorite cards that I picked up this year (in no particular order.) Also included are some bonus favorites at the end!

1998 Select Selected #9 (Bankruptcy)

1998 Zenith - Epix Moment Emerald #E11, PR30

1998 Stadium Club - Co-Signers #CS-4

2012 Sega Card-Gen #237

2022 Topps Dynasty - Dynastic Decoration #DAP-SR6, SN10

2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary - Gold Prism Refractors #545

2023 Panini Chronicles - Titan Gold Vinyl #22, SN1

2012 Kahn's Cincinnati Reds #NNO

1998 Leaf - Fractal Materials Die Cuts #199 CL, PZ, SN3250, PR50

1995 Reading Phillies Eastern League Champs Nabisco #NNO (IP Auto)

Bonus favorites: From the Bellner Collection

There were so many cards that I was able to add to my collection this year from the acquisition of Ron's collection that I may never have the opportunity to buy again. I am incredibly honored that Ron saw it fit for me to be the steward of his collection! I love every single card I was able to get from his collection and these are some of my favorites.

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