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Monthly Mailbag - September 2021

September has been a really slow month for new acquisitions - I only added 14 new cards to the collection this month. While I would normally be fine adding that many cards to my collection each month, it seems like nothing compared to last month's 100+ additions.

1998 Pacific Paramount - Inaugural #216, SN/20. A relatively boring card at first glance, this card definitely doesn't have the "wow" I normally like to see in my cardboard. What it does have though is an incredibly limited run of just 20 copies. Aside from the hand-numbered serial number on the front of this card, the only thing differentiating it from the regular Pacific Paramount is the gold foil addition that says, "Inaugural Issue May 27, 1998". And that is enough for me to want this in my collection! These obscure, tough to find cards, are the ones that add a little something extra to my collection. Big thanks to Kevin B. for picking this card up and offering it to me for my collection!

2004 Playoff Prestige - Autographs, PR5. This card almost didn't make it to my collection. I found it on eBay, placed the winning bid, paid, and waited for it to be shipped. It was quickly shipped and tracking information was added. The card was marked "delivered" a short time later, but the problem was, was the card was not delivered to my house. After some back and forth with the USPS, I figured I would never see this rare card again. You see, this card is limited to a print run of just five copies! The card isn't serial numbered, it's not super flashy, and the autograph isn't even an on-card auto - it's just an ugly sticker. But apparently in 2004, Playoff decided to just place five stickers on a base card of Scott and pack them out. Back to the card's journey. After arriving home from work the other night, I saw a yellow package peeking out from the mail box. This was after the mail was already delivered for the day. I simply assumed that an honest neighbor received the package by mistake and placed it in my mailbox like a good Samaritan.

2021 Topps Archives Signature Series Retired Player Edition - 2012 Topps #255, AU, SN65. I enjoy a good, on-card, autograph just as much as the next collector. But Topps has simply gone overboard with this set. There is no "official" checklists for this set to my knowledge, but what I have been able to track down is 61 different Scott Rolen offerings in this set. All buy back cards that have been autographed, foil stamped, and serial numbered. The problem with that is the print runs seem rather arbitrary and there are far too many 1/1s because of this product. Of the 61 different cards I have been able to track down, 49 of them are 1/1. The remaining 12 are the ones I will be attempting to add to my collection. Of course, if I find a 1/1 at a good price, I won't be opposed to adding it to my collection.

Here are the other cards I added this month:

Until next month, happy collecting!


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