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Monthly Mailbag - November 2021

Overall this wasn't a very exciting month for new cards added to the collection. I was able to pick up a couple older cards that have proven fairly difficult to track down as well as a few newer released cards. With Thanksgiving taking place this month, I sat down and looked through my collection to review all of the cards I've picked up over the course of this year so far. I'm incredibly thankful for the friends I've made through this hobby and the generosity of so many of them. They can relate to the passion that gets poured into collecting and they're always happy to help out wherever they can!

1997 Score - Artist's Proof Holofoil #474. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find anything from this year that I need. I currently have over 80% of Scott's cards from 1997. But the addition of this card right here was a BIG one! I absolutely love the shine on this card (the scan just doesn't do it any justice). I like this card so much in fact, that I've picked up a couple extra copies just because.

1998 Leaf - Statistical Standouts Die Cut #16, SN2500. I was beginning to think I would never find one of these cards for my collection. I can't recall one of these surfacing in the past several years. You see, while there are 2500 serial numbered copies of this card, only the first 250 were die cut. I was definitely happy to secure this one for the collection this month!

1999 Upper Deck - Forte Triple F20, SN100. These were released in Series 2 packs of Upper Deck back in May of 1999. The regular Forte cards were inserted 1:23 packs, so one could easily surmise that the parallel versions were increasingly tougher to find. They came in: base which were not numbered, "double" numbered to 2000, "triple" numbered to 100, and "home run" numbered to just 10.

2004 Topps Heritage - Chrome Black Refractor THC106, SN55. I acquired this card for ridiculously cheap. It was on eBay with a Conor Jackson card from the same set with an incredibly low BIN, so I had to smash that button to get this card into the collection. Another card where scans just don't do them justice, the refractor shine on these is so deep that it reminds me of the refractors from 1998.

2021 Topps T206 - Autographs NNO (Wave 8). These cards were printed on 18-point Heritage stock in the classic tobacco card size of 1.4375" x 2.625". They were released in 10 Waves (or series) and were an online only exclusive available for only 21 days. Wave 8 was available from September 21, 2021 until October 12, 2021. The overall print run for Wave 8 was substantially smaller than other waves at only 8,752 packs. Each 10 card pack cost $14.00 and they contained eight base cards and two ad back variations. Inserted randomly, with no known pack odds or print runs, were these on-card autographs that Topps called "surprises".

Here are the other cards I was able to add to the collection this month:

That's all for this month. We'll see if the Christmas season can bring some new cards for me to add to the collection!


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