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What you find here is the work of an incredibly talented artist named Brent Naughton. Brent created a post on the FreedomCardBoard message boards showing some of his sports art and as soon as I saw Brent's work I knew I wanted to add some of it to my collection. I sent him a message inquiring about some custom Scott Rolen cards and the process started immediately. Brent was phenomenal to work with and he kept me updated on the progress of each of the cards I wanted. Even with his busy schedule, Brent was able to find reference photos for me to choose from, create all four cards, and get them shipped safely to me in less than three weeks! If you're interested in having some custom work for your own collection, I highly recommend getting in touch with Brent. Check him out at Brent Naughton Art

Brent Naughton Art
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