1998 Topps TEK.jpg

1998 Topps TEK is a massive 8100-card set released exclusively to Hobby outlets in October, 1998. This set consists of 90 cards all printed on acetate, with 90 patterns available for each player. Each card is sequentially-numbered twice: Card number and pattern number. 

I will be focusing on Scott Rolen's card #88, patterns #1-#90.

1999 Topps TEK.jpg

1999 Topps TEK

1999 Topps TEK is a massive 2700-card set released exclusively to Hobby stores participating in Topps' Home Team Advantage program. As with the previous year's product each card is printed on acetate, and has multiple background pattern variations.

Each of the 45 players has two cards: Card "A" depicts the player in his Home uniform, while card "B" shows him in his "Away" jersey. Each of the 90 cards has an "A" and "B" of 30 different patterns. Each card is sequentially-numbered twice: First by card number then by pattern number.

In this set, Scott Rolen is card #22. I will be focusing on cards with patterns #1A-#30B.

2000 Topps TEK.jpg

2000 Topps TEK

2000 Topps TEK is a 45-card set released in July, 2000. This would be the final Topps TEK set for 14 years.

The set features 40 player cards (1-40), and five short-printed rookie cards (41-45), and each card has 20 different background variations. A master base set, which contains 20 different patterns for each of the 40 players, is 900 total cards making it the smallest TEK master base set ever made. Variations 16-20 feature an assortment of colors (purple, red, yellow, green and blue) and are short-printed in comparison to the other 15.

Scott Rolen is card #26 in this set. I will be focusing on cards #26-1 through #26-20.