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Monthly Mailbag - August 2021

It's been a really busy month for the collection. I've added well over 100 cards this month after a fellow Rolen collector decided to sell off his collection. I won't bog you down with details on all 100+ cards, but I will highlight some of my recent additions and finish this entry off with a gallery of everything I've added this month.

1999 Finest - Gold Refractors #273 GM (Missing SN). I don't know how many "replacements" Topps made of their cards back in 1999, but the packed out version of this card is serial numbered to 100 and has die-cut deckled edges. This one is missing the die-cut edges as well as the serial number stamping on the back. But it's every bit as shiny as the numbered version!

1999 UD Choice - Prime Choice Reserve #43 CG. Unlike the Finest above, this card is serial numbered to 100. For there being 100 of these produced, they don't come up for sale very often, so I was beyond excited to see it surface. I now have both of Rolen's Prime Choice Reserve cards from this release.

1999 Pacific Prism - Red #109. This unsuspecting card is a MONSTER! The red version of this card was only available in packs purchased from Walmart. They were inserted at a rate of 1:97 with a print run of just 123. While not too incredibly limited (compared to the 80 Holographic Blue cards), it is increasingly tough to find these available on the secondary market.

2021 Topps Clearly Authentic - 1986 Topps Baseball Autographs. So far this year, just about every Rolen card released is an autographed card. These Clearly Authentic cards are printed on acetate so they are see through, which makes scanning them a royal pain. I ended up combining four different scans to get the image you see here. Like most cards these days, this one is offered as a base card as well as seven different colored parallels. I'll likely only add five of them as the gold version is numbered 1/1 and the orange is /5.

As for the other cards I've picked up this month, they accounted for 1% of my collection! While that may not seem like a lot at a glance, it took me well over three hours to scan all of them, front and back, and then upload them to this site. Here they are:

As always, if you've got a Rolen card or two (or an entire collection) that you don't see here on my site or my checklist, let me know what you've got!


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